The Wall – Chinese, Berlin, Pink Floyd’s? No, Ukrainian


The Ukrainian wallBuilding a wall has always been a very visible sign of taking the “wulf” cries seriously. Today, a wall will hardly stop any nation from invading another, if that should be the fear, but still walls are being built.

The pendulum has moved back since the Berlin wall was torn down and all world decided to work towards a common future. Futures do not last, it seems, but politicians’ interest in masonry does seem to do so.

Newsweek wrote about the new wall a couple of days ago, but from the Russian news agency TASS, news about it have been told for more than a month, other media (see the image source) for half a year. In general, news about that region are somewhat biased – Western media mention everything bad they can think of about Russia, Russian media tell the opposite story.

But a wall seems to be put there now, along all the 2,295 km long border between Russia and Ukraine.

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