The world is ever changing. Each day is new and presents us with challenges and conditions that we, all in all, have never seen before. It is difficult to control and even to understand.

But certain trends seem to appear again and again – they get stronger and stronger, then weaker and weaker, and then they are gone. But often they appear again later, perhaps in a somewhat different shape.

The study of history helps us understand that there are such recurring patterns and it helps seeing what came out of them when they last occured. In a historical perspective, details easily disappear. But details are as important to development as the bigger trends – everything big  is made up of lots of smaller things. Everything is affected by everything else, causing every attempt to predict the future development to fail, unless a systemic perspective is taken.

Certain trends are there, and some of them seem to show their pretty or ugly faces in a sort of pendulum movement – the trend moving in one direction, too far, then back, too far, then again, and again.

This blog is for all kinds of scientific and philosophic thoughts about the larger patterns of life, an attempt to contribute to a general “meaning of life” discussion, but with an underlying purpose: how can we use our knowledge and understanding, our learnings from history, to prevent the same mistakes being made again? How can we use that same knowledge to save the world?

As for me, I cannot save the world. Neither can you. But maybe we can together. If we can just find out what it means for the world to be saved. What is good, what is bad, what is a necessary evil, what is an unnecessary good.

I hope that readers of the World Pendulum, as I called the blog, will be so kind to express their thoughts in the comments – that a debate will occur and that this debate, even though it does have a nature of individual thoughts based on beliefs and preferences, can be respectful and open. I hope that you will say what is on your mind and that you will allow others to do the same – and sometimes refrain from saying something, if this means that others will then have a better chance to become part of the debate.

Even if you are just reading, you are most welcome here. At least 90% of the most important debate about the world is what takes place silently, inside our own thoughts – in dialogue with ourselves.


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