Seasons in the Sun


This song came out when I was 10, it was me and my best friend Sam Statler’s favorite song. We listened to it over and over. Sam Died at 16 years old in a car wreck; I always think of him every time I hear it. I am 50 now, and if I have learned anything, its that life really does go in seasons, the seasons in the sun are for sure the best ones. Very Special Song
Rob H (comment on YouTube)

Welcome to the World Pendulum blog!

Foucaults Pendulum - source:

Six sells! I want to sell you this blog with my sixt posting. My sixt sense tells me that it is right, that it is good. Had it been the sixt day of creating the blog, I could have added some people – and perhaps a scenery. Set the stage.

But there is no stage. There is a universe full of options. A stage would be a limitation, it would be framing some options and dragging all attention to them, leaving the major part of the universe of options into the shade of the minor.

People select their options, set their stages. Each person has limitations, nobody sees all options. The universe is bigger than any one person, and hence, cannot be understood by just one – there is not enough room in the mind to hold it all.

They select their opinions from within their frames. They match their selections with others, leaving the actual selection to one of what they see as common with others. This shape their minds around the common denominators. The least?

Life is short, life is limited, life is tough. Life is boring to most people. They escape from it – run away to another end of it, partially, hours or minutes at a time, watching TV, playing games, reading blogs. They escape but are still there. Then they do it again.

The threadmill of life and escaping life, the illusion of moving forward based on not looking back. The mindfulness created by ignorance and lack of interest in life. The pendulum that takes us back to where we have forgotten that we already were.

Let us together uncover what that ignorance has hidden. Let’s grow, let’s live!