Seasons in the Sun


This song came out when I was 10, it was me and my best friend Sam Statler’s favorite song. We listened to it over and over. Sam Died at 16 years old in a car wreck; I always think of him every time I hear it. I am 50 now, and if I have learned anything, its that life really does go in seasons, the seasons in the sun are for sure the best ones. Very Special Song
Rob H (comment on YouTube)

The Other Way


Don’t be hurt or angered by what people say and do. Always try to see what lies behind their point of view. Maybe they are wrestling with a problem of their own – fighting down some secret worry, facing it alone.

If you knew the whole of it perhaps you’d understand, and instead of criticizing lend a helping hand. If you hit back when you’re hurt you make an enemy. Why not try the other way of love and sympathy.

Patience Strong in Flowers of Friendship, 1955