Job Search Article Aggregate – – – December 26, 2014

On a smaller scale – for an individual life – everything can go from busy purposefulness to desperate meaninglessness in a few seconds: the time it takes for your boss (or whoever they hired to do the dirty work) to tell you that you are fired.

Swinging that pendulum back again towards a new meaningfulness can be quite difficult, but David Hunt did part of the work for you! Check out this list of useful articles on the web – written by all kinds of people based on their thoughts and experience. Pick and choose whatever you like from there and let it shape your own ideas – push your pendulum…

David Hunt, PE... Mechanical Engineer on the loose!

As a part of my own job search I read a lot of articles about things like networking, cover letters, resumes, interviews, etc. One thing I try to do to help others is aggregate these into my on-going series of “Article Aggregate” posts.

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